Veterans Recognition Metalized Film Window Stickers
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Those who served in the U.S. Military should be recognized on more than just a couple of special holidays.

We've been sending VetSignias to proud U.S. veterans since 1993

Mag/VetSignias - Magnetized Vehicle Plaques


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The VetSignia group has been making VetSignia Window Stickers since 1993. VetSignias are high quality, long lasting, attractive, metalized film stickers. We’ve heard from Veterans who have had the stickers in their vehicle windows for 7, 8, over 9 years – still bright and shiny. Tens-of-thousands of proud Veterans use VetSignia Window Stickers.

At the request of Veterans, and Veterans’ groups, we began looking into magnetic plaques in 2004. We spent a year looking for high quality materials and a method of putting them together in a way that would provide our fellow Veterans with a distinctive plaque showing their service to our country. We call the magnetic plaques Mag/VetSignias. They look exactly like the window stickers shown on this web site. They are larger, 5.75” X 2.5”.

A couple of comments from Vets - “they look great”, “really stand out”, “holding up well”, “strong grip”, “really like it”, “great idea”

Vietnam Veteran and New Hampshire Union Leader editor Jim Ferriter shows a Mag/VetSignia.
The bright metallic silver background makes VetSignias difficult to photograph.
We thank Union Leader photographer Tom Roy for his fine effort.

Mag/VetSignias - Magnetized Vehicle Plaques
5.75” X 2.5” Black Print on Bright Silver Metallic Background
Mag/VetSignias cling firmly to most metal surfaces.
They can be easily taken off, moved to another location, or another vehicle.

If you would like to use Mag/VetSignias to show your service, look over the available VetSignias by clicking on to your branch of service, or war served, in the side box.

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